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Wolontariaty w Polsce



Children's Programs:

English-speaking volunteers are needed to work and play with needy children and young people throughout the city. Volunteers will teach English in an informal, fun setting, and help out with field trips, sports, and art/music/computer projects. If you play an instrument, sing, play basketball, soccer, etc., or just want to teach English, you are welcome to join and help out. You’ll work with children who come from impoverished or dysfunctional families. After school and special summer programs offer these kids an escape from their difficult circumstances, and a chance to just have fun. Most of these placements will be based in Krakow and include frequent field trips to nearby museums, recreation centers, and mountains, rivers and countryside. There are programs throughout the year, but summer is the busiest period. For more on what the day to day activities might be, see Robin's Photo Journal.

Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum in Krakow is a non-profit institution that looks at the highlights of Jewish history in Poland. The museum runs exhibits that present past and present Jewish culture through lectures, exhibitions, concerts, classes, and publications. This new program is a great opportunity for a volunteers who are interested in their own pasts or who are interested in history and museum work more generally.

Participants can choose between 3 possible program tracks:

Volunteers working on the educational track help lead tours for visitors to the museum as well as running youth workshops in subjects such as Jewish dance and arts. Participants in this track also have the opportunity use the museums resources to study Jewish history and culture as well as work on Polish language skills.
Volunteers helping on this track assist with preparing, proofreading, and designing materials for museum publications. These include both educational and promotional materials.
Public Relations
Volunteers in the public relations track work with marketing and fundraising to keep the museum running smoothly and to boost visitor numbers. Participants help with the website as well as with contacting sponsors and friends of the musuem. This track offers a more "behind the scenes" look at the running of a large institution such as the Jewish Museum.


Senior Community Centers

Participants work with a local non-governmental community center that supports middle aged and elderly folk. The center primarily runs educational activities such as language courses, seminars, continuing education courses, computer classes etc. The association aims to positively occupy the time of the elderly, especially the women. And to give them access to modern technology. The center also works to break down the negative stereotypes that are associated with old age. The center has an open computer lab for member’s use. There are also continual lectures, discussion groups, hobby groups etc. that occur on a regular basis. The center also has several long-term initiatives that they work with. This program gladly welcomes those who wish to teach English, Computers or anything else that might be of interest. Placements are available throughout the year. Volunteers must be creative, compassionate, and patient. Previous work with elderly or a background in social work is preferred, but not required.