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Krakow is one of Europe's most beautiful cities, with history and culture emanating from every corner of the city. The exact origin of Krakow is unclear, but the city gained recognition and prominence at the turn of the first millennium as a market town. The city’s heyday was in the mid 14th century under the rule of King Kazimierz the Great. Kazimierz commissioned numerous buildings and established the Jagiellonian University. Kazimierz also provided a haven for Jews at this time. One of Krakow’s districts, named Kazimierz, became the leading Jewish settlement in central Europe until World War II. For centuries Krakow was the capital of Poland – a great bustling city serving as the seat of government, and center of scholars and artists from all around Europe. Each group left a strong historical and cultural imprint which can still be felt after centuries of ups and downs. While the city no longer plays an important administrative role in Poland, Krakow is an exceptional reflection of Polish identity and culture.


ELI is fortunate to be linked with excellent partners in and around the city of Krakow, Poland that allow volunteers to experience this amazing and resilient culture.