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Mexico is a truly magnificent country where culture mixes with the beautiful landscapes of white sand beaches, rainforest and deserts. It extends from the Gulf of Mexico on the east to the Pacific Ocean on the west; from the border with the United States to the north through the exotic lands on the southern borders with Guatemala and Belize.  Mexican cities consist of everything from modern and crowded metropolises to small colonial towns. The Mexican people are proud of their heritage, largely derived from the Maya and Aztecs and are welcoming and joyful hosts. The official language is Spanish, but in total over 66 indigenous languages are still spoken around the country.

chichen itzaThe Yucatan Peninsula is a perfect example of the blend between the development of the nation and the depth of its cultural heritage. Also called the “The Gateway to the Mayan World”, the Yucatan has vast natural and cultural wealth. The capital of this region is the city of Merida, a large colonial city with a unique culture and warm weather throughout the year. Music and dance fill the streets at night. Theaters and art museums abound. Yucatecan culinary specialties will quickly win you over. Ancients pyramids in the region take you back to a past of greatness and you can feel the deep identity that makes Mexico a singular and magical place.

ELI teams with different organizations in Merida and the Yucatan that work on conservation and promotion of their natural and cultural sites. From volunteer work with sea turtles on the coastal islands off the Peninsula, to long term internships in tourism and marketing, you can experience all that Mexico has to offer while giving back to the community.