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montezumaCosta Rica is paradise on earth. This beautiful country has everything you could ask for: white sand beaches perfect for surfing, stunning waterfalls hiding deep in the jungle, luscious rolling hills with the sun coming out of the clouds, a wide variety of wild life, friendly people, amazing food, and even better coffee.

This gem of a country has something for almost every traveler. Over 25% of the country is protected in an extensive national park and preserve system. The absence of a military over the past 60 years has created a pacifist attitude which carries over into almost all aspects of life. Ticos (Costa Ricans) are friendly, polite and warm.

The Costa Rican Economy's main sectors are tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. Thanks to a long lasting stability, this is the most developed country of Central America, where people enjoy a higher quality of living and have access to quality government services.ELI partners with local organizations in San Ramón and Liberia, where participants can enjoy the real taste of Costa Rican hospitality and experience the Pura Vida life style.

Our programs focus on community development, environmental education and child care. Professional internships are available in the areas of Micro-Finance, Physical Therapy and Recycling on a request basis. This is a great opportunity to improve your Spanish speaking skills, work with a local organization, and travel on your free time. Participants can combine Spanish classes with their programs or have a week of immersion at their arrival.