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guatemala-cathedralGuatemala, the land of eternal spring, is an enchanting and magical country. The landscape is incredibly diverse and breathtakingly beautiful. Guatemala's highlands are blanketed in tropical rain forest, pine forests, and cloud forests with lakes scattered among the forest covered volcanoes. Guatemala is home to 33 active and inactive volcanoes, a dazzling array of plant and animal life, and a vibrant indigenous culture. The people of the highlands are predominantly Mayan and practice traditions that have been passed down for thousands of years. Ancient Mayan ruins are scattered throughout the country, reminders of Guatemala's legendary and mysterious past.

Lago AtitlanELI works with community organizations throughout Guatemala to create opportunities for volunteers and interns to live within a Guatemalan community and experience the family and community oriented culture which has shaped modern Guatemala.

Each placement starts with intensive Spanish classes either in colonial Antigua or a small town outside the city. Participants in these programs will experience the warmth and hospitality of Guatemalans, the cultural richness, and the contrast in development in Guatemala.